Clean Up Your Tile & Grout

Fabulous Carpet Care offers professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning that will leave it looking like the day it was installed. You'll be amazed by how different your tile and grout will look after we're done!

Our services and team have been specially designed to meet your expectations. We have the equipment and experience needed to keep the dirt and stains away. Restore the beauty of your tile flooring with professional cleaning services by Fabulous Carpet Care!

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Before & After Grout Cleaning

With Fabulous Carpet Care, you get a clean that you can notice!
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Commercial & Residential Grout Cleaning

Regular mopping and spot cleaning won’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. Contact Fabulous Carpet Care for tile and grout cleaning and sealing in Memphis, TN.
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Deep Cleaning

Our professional team will help you clean and freshen your home or business to have it look and feel like new.

We offer Professional Tile Cleaning & Sealing services. Fabulous Carpet Care will leave your Tile and Grout sparkling clean.

Step 1: We will inspect your tile for damaged areas and determine if sealer is a necessity.

Step 2: We will emulsify soils using special tile and grout pre-sprays.

Step 3: We will use high pressured, hot water to flush the tile and grout and extract it into a holding tank I our van.

Step 4: If sealer is required, we will apply a professional sealer that penetrates into the grout for full protection. If you like, we will also recolor your grout using a color of your choice.

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Affordable Floor Cleaning

Our services also include ceramic tile cleaning and porcelain tile cleaning.

Tips for Maintaining Tile Floors

  • Use a vacuum designed for hard surfaces to remove soil. A vacuum is better than sweeping because it will remove more soil and it won’t scratch your floor.
  • Do not use too much of any kind of detergent on your tile. As with carpets, this can result in a residue problem that will attract soil. Use a neutral PH cleaner that is made for tiles. Every third time you clean, mop your floor with plain water. It is advised that you use a string mop.
  • Use large walk off mats outside of every entrance will reduce the amount of soil you have grinding on your floor.
  • To make your maintenance efforts easier, you should get your floor cleaned and sealed professionally every 3 – 5 years.
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