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Get A Jump Start On Your Spring Cleaning With These Simple Tips!

Spring cleaning is just around the corner so here are some really easy ideas for getting your clean on…

  1. Start in the Kitchen: A trip to the Container Store or Target for some drawer configuration and storage containers makes kitchen organization a breeze. Use glass jars or bins (or try BPA free plastic) to organize and stack cereals, pastas, and dry baking supplies in the pantry. Once you’ve got your pantry and spices under control. Try giving the family “junk drawer” a new life, and vow to keep it organized this time. Then give the cupboards a quick wipe down and your kitchen is fresh and clean for the season.
  2. Move onto the Bathrooms: A quick inventory of the drawers and cabinets is in order, be sure to throw out all expired products. Pick up some storage bins and separate out the hair products from the medicine cabinet and the nail polish from the face wash. When you’re done you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to find a band-aid when you need it.
  3. Don’t Forget the Closets & Drawers: Sort through the clothes and jackets and donate any you haven’t worn in the past year or that don’t fit. Then organize the hanging clothes by section i.e. sweaters, dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts, suits. You can also go short sleeved to long and keep them in color blocks. Drawers can go in groups i.e. underclothing, pj’s, t-shirts, jeans. If your shoes are a problem get some shoe racks so you can see all your shoes and keep them neat.
  4. Tame the Office: There is no better office organizer than a filing cabinet. Pick up a stack of those manila folders and a sharpie and start organizing your life away. Keep important documents like birth and marriage certificates in an easy to access area. Shred what you don’t really need and file away the rest. And of course today you can go paperless with an electronic storage system and ditch the papers and file cabinets all together.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed but if you start with one small project and work off lists you can combat the overwhelm. And if you don’t have the time yourself you can always hire a professional organizer. Happy cleaning! (Be sure to call me for cleaning your carpets & upholstery I’ve got some great specials this month.)

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